Reducing customer acquisition costs (CAC) is a matter of survival for DTC brands with brands spending 25-30% of revenue on marketing. On the other hand, consumers fail to monetize their data and recommendations.

We are laser focussed on helping DTC brands reduce CAC.

Our vision is to democratize marketing away from status quo low-trust channels toward high-trust social networks of everyday consumers.
This problem is only worsening as:
  • More DTC brands come online, and
  • The efficiency of social media ads reduces due to privacy-related issues.

Our Solution

YouShd is a social commerce enabler that is helping DTC brands succeed by harnessing the power of consumer networks.  We have a B2B2C solution that integrates seamlessly with the merchant’s Shopify stores and empowers consumers to share their fun new purchases with friends and family in return for monetization opportunities linked to views, clicks, and conversions, post-purchase.  We are a full funnel solution for brands and are 100% performance based.

Why consumers? Because everyday consumers/long tail of social media have on average a 30x Reach Rate and 11x CTR compared to an influencer with 1M followers.

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