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Whether you’re creator-curious, a budding Youshder or a full-blown influencer, this is Youshd’s Valentine to you. 


Your user generated content makes a real impact for the brands you share and your followers. You’re unique and mean something to people, even in the vastness of social media. It’s important to be genuine and establish a voice in niche areas, and the creators on this list uphold these authentic values across the board. 


We’re going to dive deep into a dozen must-follow creator accounts to help inspire your posts and help you find and define your digital self. Here they are in no particular order.

Bianca’s caring smile is the first thing you notice when you scroll her Instagram profile. The next thing we noticed is that she is true to her area, which is speaking directly to curly-haired people everywhere. Let’s also take a minute to appreciate her often no-make-up approach. Talk about being authentic and baring it all.

This creator knows who she is and does it well. Her outfit ideas are easy to replicate, practical to wear, and aesthetically pleasing. Plus, she’s always teaching without preaching. Here’s a loved reel of hers on how to style a basic navy blazer.

Cristina’s profile is a dose of cheerfulness consisting of fashion, mama content and a lot of simply loving life. She comes across as an approachable woman-next-door in her photos which are well-lit with branded pastel tones. She knows consistency is queen, despite playing with variety.

4. Pigmami

If you’d asked us a few months ago what “lazy luxury” was we’d have no idea, thank gosh for Pigmami for getting this in the zeitgeist. This unique account defies the niche rules we normally live by, but she really is a lifestyle creative master.

This vlogger lives life to the fullest in Canada. Despite the country’s cool weather, she warms everyones’ hearts with regular personal videos, product tutorials and pink magic. She has mastered casual but cute writing over her videos that makes her super accessible to her growing audience.

Calling all plant parents. Is there anything more soothing than a green account on social media? A quick scroll through Anne’s profile will delight and inspire all green-thumb creators.

Plus, when the plant store is credited, it’s an easy way to convert followers to buyers. She’s a remarkable partner for upselling.

Home decor channels resonate with audiences because they tap into everyone’s desire for good style and a cozy environment. Kelly’s aesthetic is warm, cozy, and accessible. Each picture speaks volumes about comfort. She also features many helpful DIYs to bring her account to life.

Christian’s reels make you want to dazzle your guests at the next dinner you host. Full stop. The cocktails are framed against a black background highlighting the colors. Easy for his niche, he doesn’t have to try too hard to feature the products he’s working with because they are so critical for the reel composition as is.


His content is highly conducive to reels and TikTok, in line with Instagram and Gen Z’s current preferences.

With a focus on celebrating our bodies, this influencer showcases the strength and beauty of the healthy form, promoting self-love and acceptance. Her inclusive and empowering approach to fitness motivates all who follow.

This Tiktok creator keeps the colors bright, pulling you in and seducing you into trying their brand partners without pushing it down your throat. (Though we’ll take what they’re serving up down our throats, obvi).

Ken keeps it real and simple with her fashion buys, especially athletic and glam. Her pregnancy realness is all over TikTok and she brings you into her life at every level. This is not for the faint of heart creator, but she slays video after video.

Ellie keeps the frames tight, her videos consistent and really helps her TikTok followers learn how to keep up to date on make-up trends without breaking the bank. Check out one of her top videos here.


Plus her accent makes us happy.


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